Hello everyone, my img_0036ename is Maegan and I am a woman, a writer, a feminist, a wife, a college student, a gamer, a geek, a dog owner, a movie watcher, an adventurer, a human. I am all this and more and currently I am an aspiring blogger, as urged (read: required) by my professor for Advanced Nonfiction.

My aspirations for blogging are to simply become more comfortable with a larger audience. Writing for people that I don’t know should be easy, especially for someone who has been posting to MySpace and then Facebook since I was a teen. It isn’t easy, it feels like I’m doing a balancing act in the middle of playing a game I don’t know the rules to, but maybe I will learn from my audience what to do and how to play.

One thing I really want is to hear other people’s stories and their thoughts and comments to my own. Does one of my posts remind you of something that happened sometime somewhere? Please share it with me. Stories are a gift that a total stranger can, they can make your day and your life a little brighter, can make you feel a little less alone.  So please, comment and share.