Getting Started on Something New, Working to Create a Graphic Narrative While Clueless


As I write this post up, I should be doing about ten other things, most importantly working on my first draft/storyboard for my Narratively submission. This is due on Sunday so I can have a great peer review group look over my draft and give me feedback before moving on.

So why am I not pumping out blurbs of words that I can clean up and show to others?
Well, I am going to be making a graphic narrative for this time around and there has been a learning curve. It has taken time for me to figure out the order in which I want to do things and then consider if how I want to pursue this process is actually going to get shit done.

I thought that a good way to gather my thoughts and plan out what I do have and don’t have, would be to write about it. Plus, I kinda like the idea of documenting how I am going about this new form of writing so I can look back later and analyze what worked well and what didn’t.

I have a loose (real loose) draft done in pencil with doodles of ovaries and a grinning uterus in the margins.

I have decided that I want to stick with doing my comic on paper and scanning it in for clean up, after a couple of bad experiences trying to draw in Photoshop on my iPad.

giphy (1).gif

I need more practice before I can go digital, and probably some better equipment. Equipment I don’t want to shell out money for right now when I prefer to do all hobby art the old fashioned way.

I have been reading and examining comics and graphics for research, and enjoying every minute of it, as well as reading useful articles and blogs like that of Brian Michael Bendis. Which gave me some much needed visuals and motivational advice:

I don’t have any advice on breaking into the business. If I’d known how, it wouldn’t have taken me forever to get in. I do know one thing, though: writers write! They don’t sit around wishing they were writing or talking about what they’re thinking of writing. They write! Because while you’re sitting around and talking about it, someone is out there writing their fucking asses off. Someone is out there kicking your ass and stealing your dream job.

So read this while you’re on the toilet, but when you’re done, write something.

I have explored Narratively’s comics and found:

Some have a lot of words, 

Some have few words, 

Some have full page scenes and moving elements, 

Others follow a standard side by side strip, 

Yay! I have options, beautiful wonderful options.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 5.08.39 PM.png

Three Panel Comic Template

What still needs to be done?

I was planning on typing up my story and then dividing it, putting the chunks into a storyboard, but I don’t feel like this is the most productive approach.

Instead, I think I am going to look at what I have and immediately start putting it into a script and a storyboard. There may be color coding. I bough a set of nice highlighters in the rainbow ROY G. BIV color scheme and have used them for coding levels of edit ever since. They could be useful for mapping out the story into what can be translated to an image, script, actions, etc.

I’m going to be saving my drawing for last, so I may not get more than doodles in the storyboard done in time for peer review, but I’ve accepted this. In fact, I would much rather have others look over my narrative and tell me what is working for them and what isn’t. That way any changes can be made with ease and there is no wasted time creating panels that may not work.

Right now, it is all about writing.


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